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The Missing

S. R. Leinbeck

May 2022 979-8-9860802-2-2


Detective Richard Nolan can't seem to escape the memories of his past.

After the Hill family terrorized the community, leaving behind a trail of death and despair, Richard found himself searching for answers. Unfortunately, more questions would come before those answers are found. As the community starts to recover from the tragedy, Richard realizes the horror isn't over for him yet. Not only is it not over, but now it has become more personal.

Follow Richard and his team as they try to solve another case with unexpected twists and turns. Will they be able to find the missing and move forward with their lives? Will this be where the Hill's path of destruction finally ends?

The Missing will have you questioning everything you thought you knew and keep you guessing until the very end. 


It took a minute for her to fully wake up. When she finally did, she was very disoriented and tried to focus her eyes. The windows in the room were boarded shut, which made it pitch black. She could make out shapes, and based on that, she guessed she was in a bedroom. She was currently on the floor, but she could feel a bed. It was completely padded, so none of the frame could be used as a weapon. She had a large metal lock around her ankle, which was connected to a long chain. She seemed to have access to move around the room, but only to a certain point.

She heard what sounded like keys unlocking the door. The unknown of what was about to happen made her panic. She grabbed the chain and moved as far back as she could into the corner. The chain was heavy, and the metal scrapped the skin around her ankle. Her heart rate increased, and she did her best to regulate her breathing. A figure appeared in the doorway. The light from behind made it look like a large shadow that took up most of the doorframe. She started to scream and got ready to fight as the figured lifted something high in the air and walked towards her.


Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2022

I. Enjoy romance novels. I read a lot of paranormal romance. This book is like a breath of fresh reading. Just the right length. You enjoy the characters in the book and want more. I look forward to the next book.

Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2022 

Detective Richard Nolan thought the Hill investigation was over but things are not quite done. This time things hit close to home for him and he and his team race to find answers. I really am enjoying this series and look forward to book 3.