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The End

S. R. Leinbeck

July 2022 979-8-9860802-4-6


Detective Richard Nolan has been haunted by the Hill family for years.

After all this time, is the reign of terror over? Will Richard be able to put the past behind him and move forward? Will his memories always haunt him, or will he finally be at peace?
Richard is ready to take some much-needed time to heal. Along with his team of detectives, Richard believes the chaos that the murderous Hill family has caused is now over. Unfortunately, the story has not ended and takes an unexpected turn, causing everyone to question everything they thought they knew.
The End is the final book of this series. Will the story come to a conclusion? Will there be answers to all the unresolved questions? Take the journey with Richard and team to find out what happens in The End.


It was a beautiful party. There were tons of colorful flowers that lit up the property. By looking at it, no one would ever guess the horrors that went on here. It looked completely different. Tables were set out throughout the area with snacks and drinks. A lot of people from the community and surrounding areas came to pay their respects and see the memorial. Melanie would have loved it. Jessica sat on a bench off to the side. She watched as people came and went; greeted each other and told stories about the victims, happy and sad. She heard her name being whispered from behind her. She turned to see Jeremy standing there. She jumped up so fast she fell backwards. Jacobson came running up to her. “Are you okay?” She looked up horrified, but Jeremy wasn’t there anymore. “Jessica? Are you okay?!” Jacobson was starting to get concerned. Not just about this incident. Jessica was clearly going through something, but she wouldn’t talk about it. “Yes. I’m fine. Sorry, I thought I saw something.” Jacobson gave her a look showing he didn’t believe her. She decided to stay a little longer and enjoy the party, mostly so no one would worry about her. When she finally got the opportunity to leave, she took it. She started to walk to where her car was parked but stopped abruptly when she saw him again. Jeremy was standing next to a car, just a few feet away from hers. She turned to walk back to the party but when she glanced back, he was gone again. This is ridiculous, she thought. She walked to her car and drove home. Once the elevator doors opened and she stepped onto her floor, she froze. Someone was by her door; this person didn’t look imagined though. “Hello?” Jessica said as she cautiously walked forward. He pulled down his hood and turned to look at her. “Max?!”