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The Badge

S. R. Leinbeck

April 2022 979-8-9860802-0-8


When students at Jefferson University start to go missing, Detective Richard Nolan is brought back from retirement. Will the cases of his past come back to haunt him? Hunting down a serial killer who gets into his mind and unlocks his memories will not be easy. Along with a team of detectives, Richard vows to capture this lunatic before another person disappears. 


The house was exceedingly small and dark, but that was the way he liked it. He was never good at socializing and hated unwanted attention. Keep quiet and blend into the background, his mother always said. Since his mother had been gone, he had not done much with the place. All the family pictures still sat on the fireplace mantel. The furniture was old but still in decent shape. The long sectional sofa and the reclining chair occupied most of the small room. He started to think what a mess the place was. After looking around for another minute he decided that it didn’t matter. The people I bring here will not be worried about the mess, he smiled to himself. He kept that smile as he opened the basement door and heard the muffled screams.



May 5, 2022

Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase
I absolutely love this book! I couldn't put it down. The main character was written so amazingly. I love the how the author created and describe each scene, It make me feel like I was there and part of the team! I can't wait for the 2nd book! I already started a book club with this one and they are sooooo excited and amazed by this book. Her gift to make you feel so involved and engaged had me at the edge of my seat. I normally don't write reviews but My hat off to the author. Thank you for writing this treasure. It got me back excite to read again! You have a fan for life!! I wish I could leave more then 5 stars!!!

Loved it!

May 9, 2022Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase This was an easy read, kept my interest piqued! Definitely looking forward to the next book! Hurry up and get it written!