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Mitchell Manor

S. R. Leinbeck

September 2022 979-8986080284


The Mitchells were one of the most prominent families in the area. In 1843, Theodore Mitchell’s family and household staff was found murdered. When Theodore disappeared, rumors began accusing him of the crime. What would cause a normally well-mannered and well-liked individual to completely snap? Over one-hundred years would pass before the true answer to that question is discovered.
Elle Lewis is a novel writer looking for inspiration for her next book. She rented Mitchell Manor in hopes of removing herself from the distractions of the city. As soon as she arrives at the manor, strange events start to happen. Believing it’s her imagination, Elle dismisses many of the occurrences. When things start to escalate, Elle can’t ignore the manor anymore. She realizes it is her responsibility to find out what really happened the night of the murders.


A small stream flowed through the backside of the property. She had no idea how she heard this all the way from the house. It wasn’t a large stream. It was narrow with rocks and pebbles scattered along the bottom. The clear blue water lightly moved across the rocks, creating a soft trickling noise. It was very calming.

Elle sat down next to the stream. As she watched the water pass through her fingers, she started to feel a chill. She heard a cracking sound and saw the stream turning into ice, right before her eyes. The sky turned a dark gray color and before she could even comprehend what was happening, the wind blew, and snow started to fall. Elle stood and looked around for a minute. She rubbed her arms as her body started to shiver, and with every breath she could see the coldness of the air.

A low but sinister growl filled the air and sent a chill up Elle’s spine. She started to quickly walk back to the house, which eventually turned into running. She could hear the pounding of steps behind her but every time she would look, nothing was there.